Re: [Evolution] corrupted folder, email headers don't match contents

On Wed, 2014-10-22 at 06:16 -0700, evo user wrote:
I have evolution (3.10.4) configured as IMAP. One of my folders 
seems corrupted. All of the emails in that one folder appear 
'offset', that is the header information doesn't match the content 
of any particular email. For example, the email appears to be from 
sender 'xyz', but the contents is the contents of a different email 
from sender 'abc' (in the same folder). Only one folder seems 
corrupted. Very troubling. FYI, when I log in to the server via 
webmail, everything looks OK. I tried re-running 'download emails 
for offline use', and that didn't change anything.

it seems your local folder summary got corrupted for some reason (I do 
not recall when I saw anything similar the last time). You can let 
evolution re-download the whole summary, it's just a copy of the 
server data, when you delete it from the disk. The file with the 
summary is stored at:
It's an SQLite database, and you can eventually delete only the table 
of the name of the affected folder, but if you never played with SQL 
as such then a remove of the folders.db file is the easiest way. Of 
course, the next start evolution will download summary information for 
all your folders, thus if you have many messages, then it'll take its 

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