Re: [Evolution] Linux hardware question

On 05/31/2014 02:51 PM, Andre Klapper wrote:
On Sat, 2014-05-31 at 13:53 -0500, Jimmy Montague wrote:
1) how much computing power do I need to build a linux firewall that
will service a LAN with five other (mostly windoze) computers on it?
Notice I'm talking hardware only here. I don't yet know enough to ask
software and networking questions.
Hi Jimmy,
could you please bring this up in a general Linux forum or mailing list?
It is off-topic here, since this mailing list is about the GNOME
Evolution software.

Thanks for your understanding,

Did you look at the part that says I now have Evolution running on Ubuntu Linux with NO PROBLEMS after I bought a fastmail account. Is that off-topic, too?

I think I can unsubscribe but I'm not sure just how. Is it a message sent to 'list' with 'unsubscribe' in the subject line -- or is there more to it than that? -- or is 'unsubscribe' off-topic, too?

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