Re: [Evolution] Evolution is dying

On Tue, 2014-05-27 at 15:34 -0500, Jimmy Montague wrote:
I'm a newbie. 

On this mailing list top posting is frowned on ...

I wouldn't know a diagnostic log from a rubber stamp, so I
can't go there. But from what you wrote, I infer that a distro such as
Mageia would be receptive to Evolution. Mageia offers a choice of
interfaces. I can go with K or with Gnome. If I go with Gnome, then Evo
ought to work just fine -- true or false?

It shouldn't matter what desktop you use - Evolution works fine with
both Gnome and KDE.  Evolution is a Gnome application in that it uses
Gnome libraries, but that doesn't mean it breaks on KDE (or XFCE or
whatever), just that it doesn't integrate as fully as native KDE
applications do.  

As for which distro to use - everyone will have their opinions.
Personally I use Fedora - sometimes things break, but they are rare
these days and Evolution works fine on it.  Others will come along and
tell you what a crap distro Fedora is or you don't want to go anywhere
near a RedHat product - but that Arch or Mint or Debian or Gentoo or
whatever is the only sensible way.

And by the bye -- how can I find the EVO diagnostic log? What's it
called and where does it hide?

You have to turn debugging on for Evolution. Have a look at


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