Re: [Evolution] Evolution mail downloading problem

On Wed, 2014-05-07 at 08:08 -0400, Marc Hurst wrote:

Carpetnailz appears to have the same problem that I had after my ISP 
upgraded their servers to apply a "Heartbleed" fix. Later, the ISP has 
changed something; and now I can receive POP successfully. However, I 
have been unable to send STMP mail since the "Heartbleed" fix. I hope 
the ISP will eventually fix the problem. too.

I use Evo 3.4.4, which ships with Debian Stable. Perhaps Debian will 
upgrade Evo some day. Unfortunately, I am technically proficient enough 
to compile a newer version myself.  (i have tried!)

Until the ISP fixes something, or Debian upgrades their Evo 
distribution, I have no choice but to use IceDove.

AFAIK the "bounce score" issue isn't related to the "Heartbleed issue",
it's too funny that both issues raised their ugly heads at the same
time. It's possible to be attacked by lice and fleas at the same time.


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