[Evolution] Evolution mail downloading problem

The last couple of days I'm having these problems: 

1. I'm getting Evol failing partway through the download: "Failed
message at 1 of 15" (or 3 of 8 or whatever). It freezes Evo. "Cancel"
won't even work. When I use 'evolution --force-shutdown', I get "No
response from Evolution. Killingthe process." 

2. When I check my mail via webmail, I see mail there that has been
downloaded but hasn't been deleted from the server (POP set to delete
mail from the server).

3. Evolution won't shut down, even when it hasn't frozen on a download.
I use 'evolution --force-shutdown', restart Evo, and then try to shut it
down and it won't--I need to go back to --force-shutdown. 

Running Evolution 3.8.5 on Fedora 19, Lenovo X120e.

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