Re: [Evolution] Evolution and VPNs revisited.

I have brought this up a while back but haven't found a solution. The
problem is that if I have Evo running and enable a VPN through
Networkmanager (OpenVPN) Evo chokes and is not able to get mail. It
tries to get from all accounts but only hangs there and I have to kill
all the connections within Evo and then Evo itself. When I reopen Evo it
connects and downloads mail on the VPN without any problems (this mail
is sent over the VPN). Other e-mail clients like Thunderbird and Claws
doesn't have this problem with VPNs. Why is it that Evo doesn't seem
able to use a VPN if open at the time the VPN is activated? 

Presumably because Evo holds open the TCP socket connection and when you
start the VPN it all gets confused.  I suppose the correct thing that
Evo should do is listen for DBUS (or whatever) network events and drop
and reform the connection when necessary.

Rather than killing all the connections I find that clicking Evo offline
then back on again works OK as that forces it to close all the


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