Re: [Evolution] Subscribed folders?

On Tue, 2014-06-17 at 13:17 -0500, Leonard Evens wrote:
I use an email server in my department.  On the server, in my home
directory, there is a Directory called Mail and within Mail are a bunch
of subdirectories.

I run Fedora Linux 20, and my Department runs Enterprise Linux, which is
a version of Red Hat Linux.

Remember that many people have no idea what that means in terms of
Evolution versions. Always state the version of Evo your question refers

On evolution, I have an account for the server and if I right click on
that, there is an item Manage Subscriptions.  If I choose that there are
boxes next to the various items in the Mail directory which presumably I
can manage to subscribe to or not.  But they appear in that account in
evolution whether or not I have subscribed to them.  One, in particular,
called from shows (50901), indicating a large number of unread messages.
If I click on from I see lots of messages with all fields blank except
Date which has a ? in it.  If I go to the server, I can read from and it
has lots of messages in it.

Is there some way I can prevent from from appearing in evolution?
Presumably, if I move it out of Mail on the server, that would do the
job, but that might mess up my mail some way or other.  What is the
function of from?

It's not clear what your server setup is and you don't say how you are
accessing it. Is this via IMAP or something else? Is the Mail directory
in your personal user account? Is it managed exclusively by the IMAP
server (assuming you're using IMAP) or is something else writing files
into it?


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