[Evolution] Opening links in an email without a mouse?

Hi all,

Yesterday I had to use my desktop, and Evolution, without a mouse for a
few hours.

I was only stymied by one problem: Is there some way to open links in
emails, using just a keyboard?

With a mouse I'd simply click on any links, but with a keyboard, what
seemed obvious/intuitive to me was to press Tab, which did shift the
focus (indicated by a dotted box around the link), and then when I
pressed Enter, instead of opening the link in a browser, it would open a
new window, showing the same email again.

The above keys work fine for navigation in a browser (e.g. Firefox), so
I had assumed/hoped they would in Evolution too. Should they? Can they?
Should I log an enhancement request? Or was I doing something daft? 

I did check the docs, under Help -> Quick Reference, which brings up an
"Evolution Quick Reference Card", that shows the keyboard shortcuts. For
the "mail component", under "Selection", it shows "Open in new window"
is bound to "Return or Ctrl+O". I completely agree with opening a mail
in a new window if you're looking at the list of messages and have
selected that email. But if you are reading email, and have selected a
link, and press enter, then based on the documentation the logical thing
is apply "open in new window" to that "selection", which for a link
means opening it in a new browser window (or tab), surely? So I guess my
follow-on question is: if there is a way of opening links without a
keyboard, is it more obvious/intuitive/consistent-with-other-apps than
using Tab to shift selection focus, and Enter to open?

My Evolution version is 3.8.4, and the email I was reading was plain
text, with a lot of links in it (specifically, it was an email from the
debian-news mailing list).

-- All the best,

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