Re: [Evolution] Subfolders with Courier IMAP

On Sat, 2014-06-07 at 14:39 +0200, Roth wrote:
choose to allow a "non-rooted" server, i.e. have all folders
Inbox below an invisible per-user root. AFAIK there' s nothing you
do about this other than talk to your server admin.
And this would bring me also the Inbox emails back, as for now I don't
see them.

Very strange that with Evolution 3.4.4, from my laptop, I see the
with all emails and all subfolders.

With Evolution 3.12.2 I'm seeing only the subfolders below Inbox, but
emails in this Inbox folder, although the emails are on the Courier

Also with Squirrelmail or mutt I can view the Inbox emails.

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You might have mentioned earlier that the result with other clients was
different. Clearly it's not a server problem.

I presume you've checked the usual suspects: that the Search bar is
cleared, that you are selecting a visible subset of messages (i.e. not
just Unread when there are no Unread messages), etc.

Before doing anything else, I suggest you create a new user account on
your machine, then set up Evo to access the problem email from that
account and see what happens. If it works, something is corrupt in your
normal account. Possibly it can be fixed by vacuuming the Evo index
database (see the list archives for how to do this).


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