Re: [Evolution] Subfolders with Courier IMAP


many thanks for your quick answers.

I am the server admin.

choose to allow a "non-rooted" server, i.e. have all folders including
Inbox below an invisible per-user root. AFAIK there' s nothing you can
do about this other than talk to your server admin.
And this would bring me also the Inbox emails back, as for now I don't see them.

Very strange that with Evolution 3.4.4, from my laptop, I see the Inbox
with all emails and all subfolders.

With Evolution 3.12.2 I'm seeing only the subfolders below Inbox, but no
emails in this Inbox folder, although the emails are on the Courier

Also with Squirrelmail or mutt I can view the Inbox emails.

Can anybody please tell me what has changed in Evolution 3.12.2 that I
can't see my emails any more.

Many thanks


You could of course use Search Folders as an alternative but it would
probably be clumsy.


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