Re: [Evolution] Evolution is dying

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On Mon, 2014-06-02 at 16:04 +0900, rost52 wrote:
Although I am newbie in Linux, and only started a test account on my Evolution aapplication, I feel 
that I have to enter an Evolution password everyday (on top of the account login of my Linux system) 
or maybe even whenever I open the application during one Linux session. I still have to investigate 
a bit more.

That's nothing to do with Evolution.  Evolution stores its passwords in
a keyring application (usually gnome-keyring) - that keyring needs to be
unlocked before Evolution can get access to the passwords.  It can be
configured to be automatically unlocked when you login, or it can be
configured to ask for an unlock password the first time an application
needs access.  Many things other than Evolution use the password keyring
- web browsers, chat applications, other email apps and so on - so its
configuration is NOT part of Evolution configuration.

If Evolution can't get access to the passwords stored in the keyring,
then it will ask for each password it needs once per session.

This I feel is a bit much concerning security. For me it would be fine, if my login PW for a Linux 
session would automatically be used by Evolution as authentication.

A choice of the current procedure and the simplified procedure as described in the paragraph above 
would enable 2 security levels and every user could choose the one matching the personal or company 

As I am not an expert of neither Linux nor Evolution and the login password for the Linux session 
could be used to login into Evolution, I appreciate hints on how to do this.

All of these things are possible. The exact configuration depends on
which keyring you are using on which distro.


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