Re: [Evolution] Removing Ubuntu 9.04, Installing 14.04. How to move Evo?

Swarup wrote:
You seem to be describing a way of utilizing both gmail and evo together
("Gmail with IMAP via Evo"), going forward. And it sounds interesting.

But I could not understand where you've described how I am to get all
the mail from my old evo into my new one. That is the main thing I need
to get done first.

He is proposing to do so by storing your email in an imap server. So you
actually move from old-evo to imap. Then new-evo uses the account as

I actually find it more complicated than it should.

Also please comment on the below option (which I asked about above). It
seems like by far the easiest and most straightforward method for
migrating my mail from the old evo to the new, if it will work:

What about creating the compressed backup file,
"evolution-backup.tar.gz"? I thought that was looking like a wonderful
approach. Will the new evo be able to import this file and thereby bring
in all my old mail?


It *should* be able to do so. I would first test the backup file in your
old evolution (create a new user account in ubuntu 9.04, import the file
and check you have everything you expected) to ensure it has been
created correctly. And still, keep backups of the files. I think that
old evolution may be using mbox instead of maildir as newer versions.
But are nonetheless easily recoverable.


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