[Evolution] Evolution 3.13.3

I am new to this list . . . 

I am using Ubuntu 14.04.  I decided to install  3.13.3 because I was having trouble with Ubuntu's the default version of Evolution. ie  Couldn't get Junk/Spamassassin working.

I know 3.13.* is still in development but it seems to work okay nevertheless.  My main problem is the font size on the compose mail screen.  I seems stuck on a small font despite my attempts to change that in "preferences".  So I have a few questions please:

1. Is this a bug or is there a solution within 3.13.*

2. I can't find a .deb file to go to the latest stable version 3.12.*

3. Will I lose my current mail, addresses book etc if I change backward?

4.  Does this font come out small as you see it on your monitor?

Thank you,
Dave W

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