Re: [Evolution] How to find mails which have disappered ?

On Mon, 2014-01-27 at 13:21 +0000, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
AFAIK the current version of Evo is still not fully multithreaded,
which can lead to fetching mail blocking other operations. I believe
this is to be fixed in an upcoming version. Perhaps Milan can confirm.

well, I cannot confirm. :) Evolution (and evolution-data-server) is full
of multi-threading. It even used to be more than today, but "recent" (in
years) changes tend to replace direct threading with async calls. Not
that it solves anything in particular (my personal opinion), it just
follows the current GLib/GIO pattern. Sometimes for good, sometimes for
bad. Unfortunately, there are still places which call network I/O, or
other blocking operations, from the main (GUI) thread, which blocks the

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