Re: [Evolution] Installing from source assistance

On Mon, 2014-01-13 at 12:40 +0100, Karsten Kloss wrote:
One issue in not working. The email reading window has a stupid black

the problem is with the theme, sort of. Since gtk3 moved to CSS styling,
the Theme writers gained a choice to define background in various ways,
like with images, colors, and so on. The problem is that some themes
define only image background, with no (fallback) base color definition,
which results in a black background instead of the Theme background
(which may come as the image). While CSS styling is nice, it makes quite
hard to rely on theme colors when one doesn't use gtk routines to draw
the content, which webkit surely cannot do when rendering a page
(evolution tries to get the right (or close enough) colors from the
theme and sets them as colors of the page webkit renders). Changing
background color in your Theme may fix the problem. Evolution 3.11.x
uses "toolbar" and "entry" CSS class colors, while the one from
"toolbar" class is the black you see.

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