Re: [Evolution] Installing from source assistance

Hi all,

the ppa is working and i am now using the new 3.11.3 on Ubuntu 13.10. 


One issue in not working. The email reading window has a stupid black
background. When writing an email everything is OK. Only the reading
window does not match the used theme. Changing the Theme doesn not
change it. Please see attached screen shot.

Does anyone knows who to solve this or has a hint where to search for?

Many thanks
Viele Grüße / Kind regards

Am Sonntag, den 12.01.2014, 08:54 -0800 schrieb erenoglu:
Hi James,

You may want to try this first:

On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 7:46 PM, James Lay [via Gnome Evolution -
General] <[hidden email]> wrote:
        Hey all, 
        I'd like to start the road to getting the latest Evolution on
        13.10, since the current package is pretty old.  I've not
        found a lot of 
        information online about it, so I thought I'd ask here.  My
        plan is to 
        compile on a development box, then create a .deb package to
        install on 
        my main machine.  Any pointers or guidance would be
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