Re: [Evolution] SSL Heartbleed Patch Causes Evolution to Fail

On Sat, 2014-04-12 at 12:24 -0400, Marc Hurst wrote:
Pete: Until now, under account settings->security No Encription was 
selected. I changed it to SSL. Tried to Send and Receive,
received the first 10 messages, then, after a very long pause, dialog 
box text says "Failed on message 11". Dialog box does not close (or 
maybe I didn't waited long enough). After several minutes, I attemped
close Evo. Evo did not respond to Close. Minimized it. Several
later I noticed that it did eventually close.

I notice that you still haven't said:

1) What version of Evo you're using. See under Help->About

2) What kind of account you have. POP? IMAP? Exchange? Other? Look under
Preferences if you're not sure.

It's important to include this information when asking questions on this
list. It's hard to give useful advice if you don't give this basic


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