Re: [Evolution] Evo HTML: Formatting Issues in 3.2.3

On Tue, 2013-10-22 at 22:29 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
If you need HTML, then Evolution isn't the best choice. I experienced
that even when formatting a HTML message with Evolution's own editor the
send messages can look different to the edited message already by the
sending Evolution. Fortunately I need HTML only to make a joke from time
to time, when HTML mails to mailing lists become serious annoying.

However, even if you would use a MUA with better HTML abilities, never
ever a mail on another machine will look equal to the mail you sent.

That may be the case, but my colleague uses Thunderbird and sends out a
lot of HTML email without any problem. I've seen his results on various
computers, and it looks very good. The best thing is he doesn't have to
fool with it-- all he does is paste his document into Thunderbird, and
it is ready to go. The formatting remains just as he set it up.

Ubuntu is coming out with a new LTS version in April: is there a
likelihood the Evo that will come with or be available to that new LTS
version will be able to manage HTML? If there is no plan to make Evo
HTML-compatible i.e. for sending HTML mail, then I would probably be
forced to use a different MUA. Please give me some hope!


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