[Evolution] Evo HTML: Formatting Issues in 3.2.3

I am using Evolution 2.26.1, and had reported to this forum a few months
ago that I was facing a lot of formatting problems in HTML. Any time I
would take a ready document from my word processor and paste it into evo
HTML, all the spacing and formatting would be way off. 

For example headings which I put in bold, when the email is posted, the
lines of text which follow the headings are spaced twice as far
below the headings as what I had set the spacing. And such double
spacing and sometimes extra three- and four-fold spacing occurs in many
scenarios as well. It is a big problem.

I was recommended by folks on this forum to upgrade to a newer Evo.
Before doing so, today I tested Evo 3.2.3-- and to my great dismay found
the very same issues still present. After testing with several
documents, I see that all the formatting and spacing problems present
with HTML mail in 2.26.1, are still existent in 3.2.3.

Are there any plans to resolve these problems and improve the support
for HTML mail in Evo, and if so when? This is a serious problem for me--
if it is not solved soon, I will have to migrate to another software
which I prefer not to do, as in all other regards I find Evo to be
absolutely fantastic.


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