Re: [Evolution] trying to set up evo in Ubuntu 12.04

On Thu, 2013-10-10 at 16:45 -0400, Swarup wrote:
I've installed evo in my colleague's Ubuntu 12.04 to test it. When I
open it, it gives a window for initiating setup by adding an account. I
click on the button to add account, and the window disappears i.e. shuts
down with no sign of anything else to come.

what is the evolution version, please? Ubuntu version doesn't tell
me/most-of-the-audience anything about evolution.

Run evolution from a terminal, there might be a sign why it stopped
itself. If it crashes, then even gdb or some crash catcher may get it
and provide a backtrace ("t a a bt" in gdb gets you a backtrace for all
running threads). Make sure you've installed debug info packages for
evolution-data-server and evolution, and if you'll upload the backtrace,
then that it doesn't contain any private information (passwords, email
addresses, server addresses,....), though in your stage, as you describe
it, there might be no such thing.

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