Re: [Evolution] infinitive wait for network events

Not sure about LDAP but load images is not enabled.

I do not recall ever seeing connection issues regarding LDAP.

The mention of LDAP came from me - most of the connection issues I had
were solved when I stopped Evo from looking up contacts in my remote
LDAP address book to see if it should display images.  The LDAP address
book on its own was fine; the loading of images was fine if I didn't
have the LDAP setup; but the two of them together gave lots of problems.

Main reason I started this thread is to seek diagnostic help as I 
clearly stated in my question. I apologize if inline attachment caused 

It didn't cause any problems, and was fine by me.  There are just some
people here you are grumpy about attachments [although they use an
excellent mail client that handles them gracefully ;) ].

But it wasn't an attachment, it was in-line text; and Evo didn't handle
it at all, let alone gracefully; it just displayed the uuencoded data.


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