Re: [Evolution] infinitive wait for network events

On Tue, 2013-05-07 at 21:51 -0400, Eugene wrote:
On 05/06/2013 05:51 AM, Pete Biggs wrote:
For many releases, including the latest in Fedora 18
Please give version numbers for Evolution, not the distro you use - not
everyone uses the same distro so they don't know which versions you are
talking about.
F18 is 3.6.4
I've noticing that evolution does not handle network delays properly.
It will spin in wait state indefinitely. Please see included
screenshot. I wonder how to diagnose and prevent infinitive waits. The
only way to end the process is to to brute force kill signals.
This has been talked about before on this list.  Yes, it is a known
issue, but I seem to remember that the solution requires some other work
to be done first.  My experience of the issue is that many of the
problems stem from looking up contacts on a remote service (so that Evo
can decide if it's going to try and display images from the network) -
it's not the LDAP code itself that's the problem, more the type of
traffic that LDAP generates.  So try enabling "Never load images from
the Internet" (you can always explicitly load them with Ctrl-I) to see
if it makes it any better.
If it is a well known problem I am surprised it is not yet fixed.

I believe it is fixed, but not on your version [which is not the current
version]. 3.6.x certainly had some connection management issues, at
least with HTML messages, and especially behind a proxy server.  I have
not need these issues on 3.8.x.

Not sure about LDAP but load images is not enabled.

I do not recall ever seeing connection issues regarding LDAP.

 Regardless, if any 
network operation takes more then reasonable time it should either abort 
itself or allow user to abort it.


Main reason I started this thread is to seek diagnostic help as I 
clearly stated in my question. I apologize if inline attachment caused 

It didn't cause any problems, and was fine by me.  There are just some
people here you are grumpy about attachments [although they use an
excellent mail client that handles them gracefully ;) ].

I've been using evolution since early betas and the only reason I still 
on it because sometimes I must use "redirect" feature that is missing in 
thunderbird. But amount of daily problems caused by unhanded timeouts 
and other glitches makes me question myself if fighting constant issues 
really worth the trouble....

If you see constant connection issues and loading of messages for HTML
messages is disabled... I suspect there might be something else wrong in
addition.  It was annoying in 3.6.x, but certainly not debilitating.
Any chance there is an overloaded NAT involved that is prematurely
terminating your connections? [Die NAT Die!  All hail IPv6, our

Have your tried running with CAMEL_DEBUG enabled and see if that
enlightens you about anything

But, seriously, 3.8.x is a *MUCH* better Evolution.  3.6.x Evolution and
GNOME were pretty good. 3.8.x is excellent and very solid.  I know
nothing about Fedora [at this point you would have to drag me away from
openSUSE in chains - it just @*&$&* ^&* WORKS!] but certainly they
provide some reasonable way to update to the latest  * * *STABLE* * *
version of GNOME.  

Did I mention that 3.8.x is the current * * *STABLE* * * version of
GNOME. If I didn't, I should have.

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