Re: [Evolution] infinitive wait for network events

This has been talked about before on this list.  Yes, it is a known
issue, but I seem to remember that the solution requires some other work
to be done first.  My experience of the issue is that many of the
problems stem from looking up contacts on a remote service (so that Evo
can decide if it's going to try and display images from the network) -
it's not the LDAP code itself that's the problem, more the type of
traffic that LDAP generates.  So try enabling "Never load images from
the Internet" (you can always explicitly load them with Ctrl-I) to see
if it makes it any better.

Wasn't load-images issues resolved in 3.8.x?  At least the issue
relating the proxy servers [I thought the webkit message component fixed

Yeah, but Fedora 18 has Gnome 3.6 and hence Evo 3.6.4 (currently).


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