[Evolution] new subject-line is not a new thread Fw: Just exactly how do folders at a remote server appear in evolution?

Hi :)
One solution on many mailing lists is to forward the response and then copy&paste the address of the list back into the "To" field. 

Many people don't automagically know mailing list ettiquette so it becomes a question of how accessible the list wants to be.  If you want people to be driven to 3rd parties (such as MS fanboys) how to deal with an issue then demanding people read books on how to post, or even a fairly small man-page (is that sexist?), is likely to achieve that.  If you want people to get the right answers, or sign-posting to the right answers from people that really know what they are talking about and don't have dodgy motives then as Poc has done, just deal with issues as they arise and occasionally point to etiquette guides but also see if there is some simple work-around for dealing with the problem at hand.  In this case just use Forwards to break out of the old thread. 

I must apologise for top-posting but my pos email-'client' doesn't allow bottom posting.  Most hand-helds don't either.  So i should really set-up a whole different system for posting to this list because everywhere else demands i top-post. 
Apols and regards from
Tom :) 

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> >     Hi,
> > it's better to start a completely new thread when starting a new issue,
> > not to reply to existing message and delete everything in it. (The rest
> > is inline below).
> Sorry, I didn't know there was a difference.  I will do what you say in
> the future.

The difference is that messages in a single thread are implicitly linked
via certain headers which you don't normally see (unless you choose to
visualize them). These headers are completely independent of the message
subject, and many clients, including Evo, rely on this information to
present the thread as a set of nested messages and replies. When you
simply change the Subject line you aren't disconnecting your reply from
the thread, so it may be presented in the wrong place to the person
reading it.

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