Re: [Evolution] Evo just downloaded all my mail again

On Sun, 2013-06-30 at 18:50 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

Possibly dual-booting between different operating systems is trashing your clock.  Windows stashes the system time in your local time zone and LINUX stashes the system time in UTC.  So you are probably time-warping forward and back every time you reboot; and you can't expect coherent behavior of *anything* if you are now logging in four hours *prior* to the last time you logged in.

Dual-booting is evil; if possible just use virtualization.  Then many problems 'mysteriously' disappear.

Thanks very much for your reply, Adam.  However for your explanation to be true, wouldn't Evolution have to be launched before the clock is set at boot time (or whenever it occurs - presumably way before you can start launching applications)?  Also, it has only recently started happening whereas I've been dual-booting and using IMAP for years.

I admit I haven't really considered running Windows in a VM; I always assumed there must be some downside, like impact on performance (I use Windows exclusively to play games, the only reason I still have it installed at all).


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