Re: [Evolution] Evo just downloaded all my mail again

huw <huw synapticsilence net> wrote:
On Sat, 2013-06-29 at 07:55 +0100, huw wrote:
I'd restarted my PC, then put it into suspend.  This morning I woke
up, loaded Evolution, and it promptly downloaded all the mail in my
inbox again, as if it had never been there (via an IMAP account).  I
hadn't fiddled with any settings or deleted anything beforehand.
Why did it do this?
This has just happened again, after booting into Linux after using
Windows.  Can nobody suggest why it's happening?

Possibly dual-booting between different operating systems is trashing your clock.  Windows stashes the system 
time in your local time zone and LINUX stashes the system time in UTC.  So you are probably time-warping 
forward and back every time you reboot; and you can't expect coherent behavior of *anything* if you are now 
logging in four hours *prior* to the last time you logged in.

Dual-booting is evil; if possible just use virtualization.  Then many problems 'mysteriously' disappear.

Adam Tauno Williams

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