[Evolution] MS Server 2008

Hi :)

My company (well the people i work for) have MS Server 2008 but might be upgrading to 2013 (or something) "any day/week/month 'soon'" although that 'soon' sounds less and less likely the longer it doesn't happen. 

For our Ubuntu users which version of Evolution should i install and which extra add-ons?  The only remaining thing (afaik) that keeps one department in Outlook (and therefore on Windows) is the sharing of calendars.  If some of them keep using Outlook on Windows while the other 3 migrate then can they still share or do they all have to migrate at the same time as each other?  

We do have a Debian Server but that is only used for file-shares.  I don't have the skills and knowledge to move the emailing system off the Exchange Server onto Debian so we would have to pay for that so i'm trying to avoid it if possible. 

Regards from
Tom :) 

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