[Evolution] Evo && Office 365 via OWA connector


In the last few years I have used successfully Evo 2.32.3 with the M$
Exchange server in my office. (Please do not recommend an update of Evo
because Gnome3 is not yet ported to FreeBSD).

Now we are moving to Office 365 and I have found some description how to
configure Evo with IMAPS (port 993) and SMTP (port 587). I tested IMAPS
with another MUA (with 'mutt') and it seems to work fine through the
firewalls of our company.

Is there also a way to use OWA with Evo. Using a browser, the OWA URL
is something like http://owa365.ourdomain.org (which is just a DNS
redirect to some Microsoft server) and later firefox contacts

If I configure the above URL in Evo, it can't login.
it says: Could not configure Exchange accout because an unknown error
occured. Check the URL, username and password, and try again.

Any ideas on this? Thanks

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