Re: [Evolution] MS Server 2008

On Tue, 2013-06-25 at 20:00 +0100, Tom Davies wrote:
For our Ubuntu users which version of Evolution should i install and
which extra add-ons?  The only remaining thing (afaik) that keeps one
department in Outlook (and therefore on Windows) is the sharing of
calendars.  If some of them keep using Outlook on Windows while the
other 3 migrate then can they still share or do they all have to
migrate at the same time as each other? 

as Andre's link describes, for newer (2007/2010/2013) Exchange servers
is recommended to use evolution-ews.

With at least 3.8.x version of it you also get calendar/book/folder
sharing. It's slightly hidden. Each source or folder has its Permissions
context menu option, and if you right-click the account name in the Mail
view at the left folder tree, then you get "Subscribe to folder of other
user" option, where you can access shared folders. You can either choose
one of the standard folder names, or place in a folder ID, which is
visible at (and can be copy&pasted from) the Permissions dialog. To
access Public Folders use Folder->Subscriptions... from the top menu in
the Mailer view.

It doesn't matter if any your clients use evolution-ews or Outlook, as
long as the server can handle the client requests properly. Which is not
a problem for either of the two.

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