Re: [Evolution] Feedback

First, if you have comments about Evolution, then you really need to
tell us what version of it you are using.  Things change rapidly and
what you are commenting on may not be relevant any more.

Evolution 3.4.4 on Linux - Debian Wheezy package

3.4 is no longer a development version so bug fixes will not be
available for it, nor will new features (meaning that some of the
problems encountered may already have been fixed in later versions);
distro maintainers may have back-ported bug fixes though.

I am skilled in using HTML, and understand that an HTML editor is more
complex than a simple text editor. I suspect that if I had access to the
HTML directly, I would not have problems.

It's not easy to glean the skill level of someone from an email message
- but I hope you understood my explanation of why you see some of the

Sometime the cursor won't move when in an address line. Also, the order
of the addresses sometimes matters to me, and it seems that it is only
possible to paste additional addresses at the end of the line.

That is not something I have ever seen anyone report before.  I have
certainly never seen any problems with cursors and pasting.

to paste text after the signature block seems impossible (it always ends
up in signature block),

Good.  The signature block comes at the end - any text after the "-- "
*is* part of the signature block.

Depending on the email I am sending, I sometimes want the signature
block as the very last thing in the email, and other times I want to put
additional information after the signature block. 

:-(  The signature block goes at the end.  Mail clients, including Evo,
treat anything after "-- " as different - if you notice, when replying
to an email, things after "-- " are not included in the reply.

 and trying to copy text from text that was
pasted into a message often results in all the previously pasted text
disappearing. Personally, I would be happier with a dumb editor that
just accepts whatever text I paste into it,

There is a plugin for an external editor, look under Edit -> Plugins

Things may also get better when the WebKit editor gets integrated.

Thanks for the hint. I will look at plugging in either Xinha or

You can also access the external editor plugin by doing File -> Compose
in External Editor from the compose window.

Is it possible to have one plugin for Plain-Text, and I
different plugin for HTML ?

I doubt it.  If it's something that you think Evo should have, then file
an enhancement bug in bugzilla.  BTW, filing bugs is probably the only
way of reliably bringing things to the attention of the developers.


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