Re: [Evolution] Can't find my emails

I downloaded Evolution and set up a POP account to access my work
server. I had 36,000 emails on this server. it downloaded all of them,
then erased them from my server. 

A small correction in semantics - the server erased them, not Evolution.
The POP protocol is designed to move emails from the server to your
local machine - the critical thing is "move" not "copy".  The client
(i.e. Evolution) can specifically tell the server not to erase them
after they've been downloaded, but it's not the default for the POP

And now I can't see any of them in my main window. I know the emails
are on my computer somewhere (when I click new folder, it shows the
36,000 emails on my computer, but doesn't show where they're located).

Both the question on why you can't see them and where the actual mail
files are located are in Help -> Contents - the first under "Common Mail
Questions and Problems" and the second under "Common Other Questions and

 My tech guy at work can't find them either. I need to restore these
emails to my work server and also figure out how to access them. 

As always though, it is generally inadvisable to go playing around with
an application's private files if you don't know what you are doing.  It
is far preferable to do things within Evolution.

Also, it is not possible to copy mail back to the server using POP - you
will need to use some other protocol such as IMAP to do that.

People here could, no doubt, help you with such things - certainly your
"tech guy" doesn't seem to be able to help you - but you will need to
tell us what sort of server it is and what protocols are available for
mail access.


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