Re: [Evolution] Can't find my emails

Hi there,

On Sun, 29 Dec 2013, Howard Yoon wrote:

I downloaded Evolution and set up a POP account to access my work
server. I had 36,000 emails on this server. it downloaded all of
them, then erased them from my server.

Next time, don't erase them until you know you've got them!  And then
*still* don't erase them until you've taken at least another backup!

You might also want to think about using IMAP, where you always leave
the mail on the server, instead of downloading mail and deleting it
from the server as you are doing now.  If you use IMAP, then assuming
you can reach the server, rather than having to have one particular
computer near you all the time you can access all your mail using any
computer, anywhere in the world, at any time.  You can still of course
keep local copies of the mail if you wish so that you can at least see
your old messages in case the server isn't available for some reason.

And now I can't see any of them in my main window. I know the emails
are on my computer somewhere (when I click new folder, it shows the
36,000 emails on my computer, but doesn't show where ...

I think that's been covered, but you can find all the Fine Manual here:

RTFM (Read The Fine Manual)!

My tech guy at work can't find them either.

Consider getting a competent tech guy.



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