Re: [Evolution] Can't find my emails

Thanks, GW. 

Next time, don't erase them until you know you've got them!  And then
*still* don't erase them until you've taken at least another backup!

The thing is, I didn't do anything to erase them. They erased themselves after uploading onto my home PC. I 
never would have been so stupid to say yes to deleting them. 

I think that's been covered, but you can find all the Fine Manual here:
RTFM (Read The Fine Manual)!

I've read the manual plenty of time. I've already looked into everything the manual suggests. The problem is 
that program not only doesn't show my email, but it keeps crashing on me. Is it possible that my inbox 
database is simply too big and when it tries to create the inbox it just freezes? 

And is there any way to export these emails back onto my server? 

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