Re: [Evolution] evolution export/save to mbox in error

Pete Biggs <pete <at>> writes:

Revert to mbox?  You can sort of do it, but why?  (You need to create a
new account within Evolution of type mbox and then copy all your mail
there, but new mail will still be put in the local Maildir files when it
arrives - there's no way to change the format of the default "on this
computer" folders.)

If you want to export to mbox, then instructions on doing it are in the
help system i.e. under Help -> Contents -> Data Migration -> Exporting
data from Evolution -> Exporting mail data.

Basically, you select the mail you want to export (use Ctrl-A to select
everything in a folder), then do File -> Save as mbox.  Seems to work
fine for me.



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I have recently fond that I have the same issue : exporting to mbox as you
describe does not work properly. It creates an homongous file of several GB.

For instance : one of my local folders has 398 messages and the storage
space in .local/share/evolution/mail/local/.mylocalmail/cur takes 31MB
but the mbox file written when selecting all messages and saving as mbox
takes  6.7 GB !!!

I'm seeing people struggling with this since Ubuntu 10.10 !

Can nothing be done ? I was used to backup my e-mail every 6 months in an
mbox file (as was the native storage for previous versions of evolution) and
storing this on a file server. I was sort of a convenient 1 file for 1
period and 1 mailbox format. Now his has become impossible.

I started writing a small python program to collect the files in the 'cur'
directories until I noticed that these are not directly in mbox format as
well ... there is some extra information and the From line is not at the
beginning of the message.

I would be grateful for any help I can get on this.


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