[Evolution] Some questions as a new Evolution user


I had some questions with regards to Evolution and was hoping people
on here could answer them, so:

1. Is it possible to hide various of the "Local X" folders for the
calendar, and alike. I usually only work with 1 calendar so the other
ones aren't exactly interesting.

2. Is it possible to change the root folder of a mailbox, I am using
an exchange mailbox and it has this annoying "Personal Folders" root
folder which just makes it take up more horizontal whitespace

3. It there a way to make sent/concepts/etc mails be stored in an IMAP
mailbox folder rather than locally as I work on multiple systems and
having that centrally stored is a plus

and lastly 4. I tried using the IMAP+ server type with my Dovecot
server, considering Dovecot should support things such as IDLE,
however it does not seem to and Evolution simply does not connect. Is
it simply Dovecot not supporting the IMAP+/IMAPX protocol or do I have
something misconfigured on the server side (I do have the errors from
the log but that's more something for a dovecot mailing list).

I've googled around a bit for these but couldn't really find a
conclusive answer, hence I'm asking here now.

Thank you for your time,

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