Re: [Evolution] Evo and command line mode

On Tue, 2012-05-29 at 19:51 +0200, Matthias Apitz wrote:
El dÃa Tuesday, May 29, 2012 a las 03:20:43PM +0100, Pete Biggs escribiÃ:

$ evo -t recipient zone foo -a file-to-attach -m "short msg for boy"

That's a pitty and a missing feature, I think.

Why not just use the "mail" command?  e.g.

  $ echo "short msg for boy" | mail -a file-to-attach recipient zone foo

I realise it may require setting up sendmail (or equivalent) on your
local machine, but that's not a tremendously difficult thing.

I do run sendmail on all my FreeBSD laptops, even on my netbook where I
am typing this lines now, and not only sendmail, but SASL and SSL to my
SMTP provider; no problem with this; but in my business world I have to
use a MS Exchange server without SMTP and POP, only OWA, and for this I
have to use either OutLook or Evo (free of this restriction I never
would use Evo, but 'mutt' as MUA); 

sometimes I need send out mail in my office in some kind of batch mode,
to organize projects or whatever, and it would be very usefull to be
able to queue-in such messages from the cmd line (or even from shell
scripts) just into the normal Evo infrastructure, i.e. that they go
their way upstream as sent from Evo itself;

do you understand now what I am asking for?

Yes, of course I do - you never said though that Exchange was involved,
if you did I wouldn't have suggested using the mail command.  You asked
for a command line mode to send emails, I gave you a suggestion.

OK, more suggestions.  Is it MAPI you are using?  If so, then there are
various python/php/perl MAPI libraries you could use to interface with
the Exchange server.  I'm sure if you look hard enough there are also
EWS variants.

Also, you could look at DavMAIL - that implements a local SMTP port
(amongst many other things) as a bridge to an Exchange server - it will
talk either MAPI or EWS.  (You can change the port number used for the
local SMTP port so it doesn't clash with your current sendmail/SMTP

I *know* this isn't using the Evo infrastructure to send the mail, but
since that is not currently possible, these are just some alternate


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