Re: [Evolution] 2.32.3 && printing

El día Tuesday, May 22, 2012 a las 07:14:23AM -0400, Adam Tauno Williams escribió:

I remember such a print dialog, vaguely, from *ages* ago when you'd have
to enter things like "lpr -Pmyprinter".  I thought those type of dialog
predated CUPS as there was no reliable way to enumerate printers.

I think the issue is "compiled out of the sources"; but compiled on what
stack and with what options?   My advice is *DO NOT DO THAT*.  Compiling
a modern DE and applications is very non-trivial and not something that
can be accomplished *successfully* off-the-cuff.

All Gnome stuff which is included in the FreeBSD ports collection
of course are compiled in a stringend way and the rules and config
options are defined in the Makefile (...) and others of the ports,
written and developed by the FreeBSD Gnome team; as this, my Evo was
compiled and not on some stupid or broken options out of my head;

Having said this, what is your advice exactly? Wait until you are
distributing better support for FreeBSD, or even precompiled packages
for the main FreeBSD releases?

Perhaps you built the GNOME libraries without CUPS support?  So that's a
mistake about three or four layers down from Evolution  [libgnomeprint?]

The dialog presented contains the names (as I said in my first post) of
the CUPS configured printers, This let me think that Evo or the layers
below know about how to ask CUPS for the existing printers.

Matthias Apitz
e <guru unixarea de> - w
UNIX since V7 on PDP-11, UNIX on mainframe since ESER 1055 (IBM /370)
UNIX on x86 since SVR4.2 UnixWare 2.1.2, FreeBSD since 2.2.5

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