Re: [Evolution] Evo 3.2.2 sees itself as offline

Am 10.05.2012 23:29, schrieb John A. Sullivan III:
On Thu, 2012-05-10 at 23:24 +0200, Pascal Bernhard wrote:
Hey guys,

I decided to give Evolution another try (It was my favorite mail
application for Linux) after the switch to GNOME 3 by Debian Testing
(Wheezy) made the new version of Evolution unusable as would refuse to
download new messages telling me it had problems with connecting to the
mail servers. Now  have Evo 3.2.2 and although it is in online-mode & I
have an internet connection, I get told that Evolution is offline and
therefor unable to fetch new mails. In the "status bar" at the bottom of
the screen I'm informed that Evo tries to retrieve messages from the
servers, (All IMAP accounts) but does not make any progress. In fact
Evolution seems to have only issues with Yahoo Mail and Gmail accounts.
Other mail accounts work quite well (Those also use IMAP).

Any ideas how I could fix this issue?

Debian Testing Wheezy Kernel 3.2.0
Evolution 3.2.2
Gnome Classic Desktop Design

Is it looking for networkmanager and networkmanager isn't running? Just
a guess.

By the way, how does one use Evolution to access a Yahoo! account? I
thought that was only possible with their premium mail and not their
regular free offering. Thanks - John

Hi John,

thanks for the quick reply. I think you are on to something. Whereas
network-manager is running network-manager-gnome is not. I'm using GNOME
classic (the fallback option when GNOME shell won't work well) According
to nm-applet the network settings are configured correctly (ifconfig
says the same). Unfortunately I'm still looking for a way to invoke
network-manager-gnome either by the menu or via the commandline. As it
doesn't get started on boot, would I have to put a specific line in
/etc/rc.local or rather write a start-up script? I have the impression
that Evolution expects network-manager-gnome to run in order to function
properly. Weird though, that some mail accounts work without any issues.
That shouldn't be case if running network-manager-gnome was absolutely

Since quite a while you can use Yahoo Mail with the IMAP protocol using
the standard, free mail offerings. No need to pay for any premium
services. It works with other mail clients like Thunderbird, Kmail and,
yes, Outlook 2010.




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