Re: [Evolution] Airplay for 8 Evo enhancement requests

Mail: Spell check does not spell check an email's subject line
[Probably blocked by the WebKit composer transition?]
WebKit can do spell checking only in it's own widget. We will probably
have to use some other existing spell checking solution.

This one was fixed yesterday by Milan Crha and should be in Evo 3.6 -

Mail: Remote images in HTML emails very slow to load and display,
blocks display of email until completed.[Unsure if this is affected
by WebKit?]
We are still fetching the images manually, but it's completely
asynchronous and we use libsoup for it, so it's pretty fast now. Maybe
we could close this bug already?

May I please ask: What Evo version was libsoup introduced in? I ask as I
don't know if Evo 3.2.2 has this, but this version still feels really
quite slow when displaying HTML messages with images.

Comparing how Evo shows an HTML message to how a browser shows an HTML
page, it subjectively feels like the difference is something like the
following, in pseudocode:

Evo single thread:
* Render blank page.
* Get HTML of message.
* Set main window status bar to "Formatting message..."
* For each image, in sequence:
  * Set main window status bar to "Retrieving %URL_of_picture%"
  * Open single connection to server.
  * Download image.
  * Close connection.
* End for loop
* Clear main window status bar.
* Render completed HTML email.


Browser network thread:
* Get HTML of message.
* Whenever an image is needed, get that, in parallel, using any tricks
you like for faster speed, such as pipelining, reusing connections, etc.

Browser Display thread:
* Render blank page.
* While not done: every 100ms, render what you have, even if it's
* Render completed HTML page.

As a result, not only does the browser seem quicker, but I usually
always know what it's doing, so I don't experience that "what are you
doing?!" feeling. Even if one image on the page doesn't load, I can
still work out most of what's there, and keep going. But with Evo you're
looking at a blank grey page until it's all finished.

I'll shamelessly throw my favorites into the ring

The more the merrier! I know very little about the those bugs, but they
all sound reasonable to me.

-- All the best,

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