Re: [Evolution] Slow closing Evolution...?


The mail is all POP. 11 active POP mail collection accounts.
46,000 items in the inbox and 8,000 sent, 25 virtual folders.

No I haven't run it from the command line as yet, as I thought I'd check to
see if it was a common problem here first.

If no one else is experiencing a similar issue, I'll try the debug route and
see what's happening.

I have the same problem with Evolution 3.2.3 on Ubuntu 11.04 with two
accounts: one exchange account using the MAPI connector (3.2.2) and
one IMAPX to Gmail. Both accounts have over 10k emails and it takes
long when I close evolution.

I checked the settings for the two accounts. Only my MAPI account had
the "Automatically synchronize account locally" enabled. Even after I
disabled it, it takes very long to close evolution and there is lots
of disk activity.



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