Re: [Evolution] Trash folder oddities/andre

On Mon, 2012-05-07 at 19:04 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:

Brewster Gillett wrote:

Doesn't work. Couple of things; (1) I haven't been getting any messages
citing "error storage" or "summary and folder mismatch"

Andre Klapper wrote:

Then we need the *complete* error message on the mailing list :)


I supplied it previously, in my initial query - the sole and only
message I have been getting is:  "error while Expunging folder", on the
status line at the bottom left. If there is more verbiage associated
with that error message it is not intuitively obvious where it would be
... I have a hunch that part of the problem may be that my older version
(2.28.3, which I also identified in my original query) does not have
some of the more detailed error messaging found in later versions.


I know, the conventional wisdom says I should be upgrading more
frequently. But I read these lists in order to gain a sense of what
later versions are like, and I see a lot of complaints and problems with
each new release - it tends to make me prefer to stick with the devil I
know rather than introduce a whole new set of problems :-)

(2) there are no "summary"-flagged files in my older Evo version.


I don't know what you mean by "summary-flagged files".



I'm referring to wording from that URL that you supplied, where it
states, in part:
Remove the files ending in:

      * .ev-summary
      * .ibex.index

If I have to upgrade in  order to move past some of these issues, I
suppose I will - what, in your view, is the most stable and least
buggy latest version of Evo that I should try?

I must say I have seriously considered going back to KMail, or trying
Thunderbird, just to leave behind some of the oddities in Evo, which
has all sorts of calendaring and groupware features that I would never
use anyway...

 W. Brewster Gillett            bg fdi us            Portland, OR  USA
 Simply because you don't like to hear it, that doesn't make it untrue.

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