[Evolution] Feedback and Featurrequest

Hello Everybody,

thank you for Evolution. I'm working now for years with it and I'm still happy. The Backup-Option was very helpfull on several Changes between some Dists.
For two of the Year I managed our LinuxUserGroup with Evolution using an Google-Calendar and by using an Kontactlist. It worked good, thanks.

In this time I hab some Problemes with the List so I now decided to ask you for an new Featur for the Lists-function.
My Probleme was, when there was an change in an Kontact that belongs to the List the change was not done in the List automatically. I had to delet the Kontakt and add it again. This causes mistakes and is aditional work every time.
I think this is because the Adresses in the List are just copies of the original kontakts. In my point of view it would be very helpfull when the Kontakts are linked to the List so that they can be automatically updated when there are changes in the Kontakts of Listmembers. This ist an Feature I haven't found in any other Mailprogramm but I would be very happy I you include it in future.

Thanks for all.


(from Germany)

P.S.: Sorry for my terrible english. I hope your able to understand my intension.

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