Re: [Evolution] reanimate backup files for evolution

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From: tgralke gmx de
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Subject: [Evolution] reanimate backup files for evolution
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Hello together,

 the old data of evolution seemes to be stored in a
sqlite-db. I tried to open these to export data, but
sqlite told me that they are encrypted !

To tell: my old evolution is gone, together with the
crashed harddisk (not in trash can, but useless).

Perhaps I should try an outdated Version to recover ?
Is it possible to install older versions in parallel
without using separate OS in VM ?

Is the encyption the main problem because never get
the same key again ?

With best regards,

Torsten Gralke.
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I think that you could restore your backup files from old $HOME/myName into the new $HOME/myName.
Running Evolution would see the old files and act on them.  I don't know if you must have a virgin
$HOME without a new instance of Evolution files for that to happen.  Anyone know?

I have not tried this, but I put my backup files into $HOME/myName/oldHomeTree.  I could then
sift through and migrate files or folder trees ad lib without rolling a large bomb down the hall.

Keep us posted,
~~~ 0;-Dan

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