Re: [Evolution] troubles with v3.2.2 on Mint-12

Can anyone speak about this?

Since Mint-12 defaults to Thunderbird as an email client, I needed to install Evolution
package(s) through Software Center and Package Manager.  I have thought to purge
the software and re-install, but I don't want to crater my address book etc
*** if and only if *** my troubles are not tucked away in my profile somehow.

I find parts of Evolution stored as $HOME/.config/...  and as $HOME/.local/...
How do I preserve what I have as data, remove it, then fresh install.
If the troubles return, it is not a profile issue but something else.
If troubles don't return, restore the profile.
If the troubles return, it is a profile issue
If troubles don't return, it was a bad install (or patched tween then and now)

~~~ 8d;-/ Dan

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