Re: [Evolution] troubles with v3.2.2 on Mint-12

I find parts of Evolution stored as $HOME/.config/...  and as
How do I preserve what I have as data, 

File -> Backup Evolution Data

remove it, then fresh install.

Fresh install of what?  Evolution?  Surely you should just use your
package manager to verify that the install is correct.

If the troubles return, it is not a profile issue but something else.
If troubles don't return, restore the profile.
If the troubles return, it is a profile issue
If troubles don't return, it was a bad install (or patched tween then
and now)


Mainly that Evolution doesn't have "profiles"!  That's Mozilla

Why don't you just rename the .config/evolution
and .local/share/evolution directories - you have to make sure Evolution
is totally shutdown first ('evolution --force-shutdown').  Then when you
restart evo it should allow you to reconfigure from start. BUT none of
the problems you have are symptomatic of a bad config. (In fact you've
never actually said what sort of config you have - POP/IMAP/MAPI?)

Before you start playing around with nuking config files, it would be
best to see why it's misbehaving.  Have you run Evolution from the
command line?  Does it come up with any error messages?  Have you tried
running it with the debug variables set? Have you got a stack trace from
when it crashes?


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