Re: [Evolution] troubles with v3.2.2 on Mint-12

Second, I don't find any $HOME/.evolution profile folder. ( Where is
this edition of Evolution keeping
my local folders and address book files and similar details?

Now a well-behaved gnome application: look in .local/share/evolution.

I found it at $HOME/.config/evolution  using a global 'find'. 

That is only the configuration - the locally stored data files will be
in .local/share/evolution

One never knows where things wind up the way that distros and desktop
environments come and go. 

That's because these things evolve - Evolution is a well behaved gnome
application, so it stores things where gnome says it should.

 My Ubuntu Lucid

Means nothing ....

 has $HOME/.local/share/applications  parts along with
$HOME/.evolution parts.  The latter is the mail message  and related
parts repository.

Yes, prior to 2.32.0 data was stored in .evolution with configuration in

I notice you sent your last email with Evo 2.28.3 - is this on a
different machine to the one you've been talking about?

THANKS.  I'll go looking at this.  I'm never sure that I'm seeing
online docs that apply to the edition I'm running because of lag
between online updates and distro package availability.

The Evo docs & FAQS have been overhauled recently, they are fairly up to
date and relevant to current versions of Evo (i.e. 3.0.x and 3.2.x)

  Help -> FAQ -> 4.1 Where does Evolution store my data?

THANKS AGAIN.  I resorted to a global 'find' and there were parts in
several places.

Yes, different classes of data are stored in different places.  But
there should be no need in normal circumstances to alter or play with
Evolution's internal files.


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