[Evolution] Old Evolution Version Upgrade

Dear Group,

I was a fan of Ubuntu hence I was introduced to Evolution.

I don't like the way Ubuntu implemented Gnome 3 in it's Unity interface,
hence I stayed with Ubuntu 11.04 and Evolution 2.32.2.

I've been looking for a new distro, and after much searching I'm going
to use Linux Mint. This comes in two flavours, Cinnamon which supports a
high grade video interface and Mate which works well with less able
video cards.

Linux Mint comes preloaded with Thunderbird, but I could not get it to
import Evolution.

So I installed Evolution 3.2.3 from the repositories, and removed

Now the good news, the backup of Evolution I did for my wife under
2.32.2 was imported by 3.2.3 and a file conversion was carried out
automatically. Now I need to do my machine.

Thank you Evolution.


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