Re: [Evolution] How to create a rule, sending all unknown message to a waiting folder ?

Hi Reid,
Thanks for the link concerning the way to get a tri-state status:
I'm testing this after having proceed to the following:
I will post back after having receive enough messages and get experience.

Thanks again


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On Mon, 2012-07-30 at 14:07 +0100, HiddenID wrote:
> Yep Andre. Super thanks. I was just about to find by myself the links,
> when you post it ! Great !
> However, it is not so clear what is the difference between a "Ham
> stamped" and a "nothing stamped" message - ie: not stamped as a Junk
> AND not stamped as a Ham. As a consequence, when a new rule is created
> like [ -> "not junk / move to "verified" folder], then all messages
> that are not "junk" marked go to the "verified" given name folder,
> whatever they are or are not, being marked as "not junk". This does
> not solve the problem, because, the messages that have not been marked
> as "not junk" will go into the "verified" folder, which is not the
> result attempted. What I have to find now is how to get :
>      * "not junk" marked messages, move into a specific folder -
>        example a "verified" folder
>      * messages which are not "junk" and messages which are not
>        "not-junk" marked - ie, message that have not received yet any
>        junk or not-junk statut - stay into Inbox folder.
> Hummm not easy ... and maybe not possible ...
> I keep searching ...
> Nota: such howto could be very usefull and integrated into future
> evolution wiki or howto's ... ? I'm going to suggest a "vote" for this
> howto integration on evolution improvement platform.
> Antoine
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> Objet : Re: [Evolution] How to create a rule, sending all unknown
> message to a waiting folder ?
> Hi,
> On Mon, 2012-07-30 at 13:01 +0100, HiddenID wrote:
> > I imagine using bogofilter could answer to part of the question, but
> > it is not clear how to configure bogofilter in order to get a rule
> > like this :
> Bogofilter marks mail as ham or spam. Bogofilter does not move
> messages
> for you - that's the task of your email application.
> >      * all messages which are not "junk" stamped, and all messages
> >        which are not "ham" stamped, go into a defined folder
> >        "ToBeVerified"
> Edit > Message Filters > Add/Edit > If "Status" "is"|"is not" "Junk"
> Then "Move to folder".
> For automatical marking of spam for your incoming mail see
> > How to indicate to bogofilter wich folder it should use for "ham",
> > "spam", and "not-ham-not-spam", is a mystery to me ... I'm going to
> > try to find the answer ...
> :
> "Bogofilter does not come with a default set of spam criteria so it
> will
> not automatically filter anything after installing it. You must train
> it
> first to make it work."
> andre
What is Unsure mode?
Bogofilter's default configuration will classify a message as spam or
non-spam. The SPAM_CUTOFF parameter is used for this. Messages with
scores greater than or equal to SPAM_CUTOFF are classified as spam.
Other messages are classified as ham.

There is also a HAM_CUTOFF parameter. When used, messages must have
scores less than or equal to HAM_CUTOFF to be classified as ham.
Messages with scores between HAM_CUTOFF and SPAM_CUTOFF are classified
as unsure. If you look in, you will see the following

    #### CUTOFF Values
    #    both ham_cutoff and spam_cutoff are allowed.
    #    setting ham_cutoff to a non-zero value will
    #    enable tri-state results (Spam/Ham/Unsure).
    #ham_cutoff  = 0.45
    #spam_cutoff = 0.99
    #    for two-state classification:
    ## ham_cutoff = 0.00
    ## spam_cutoff= 0.99

To turn on Yes/No/Unsure classification, remove the #'s from the last
two lines.

Alternatively, if you'd rather use labels Yes/No/Unsure instead of
Spam/Ham/Unsure, remove the #'s from the following line:

    ## spamicity_tags = Yes, No, Unsure

Once that's done, you may want to set the filtering rules for your mail
program to include rules like:

    if header contains "X-Bogosity: Spam", put in Spam folder
    if header contains "X-Bogosity: Unsure", put in Unsure folder

Alternatively, has directives for modifying the Subject:
line, i.e.

    #    tag added to "Subject: " line for identifying spam or unsure
    #    default is to add nothing.

With these subject tags, the filtering rules would look like:

    if subject contains "***SPAM***", put in Spam folder
    if subject contains "???UNSURE???", put in Unsure folder

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