Re: [Evolution] How to create a rule, sending all unknown message to a waiting folder ?


On Mon, 2012-07-30 at 13:01 +0100, HiddenID wrote:
I imagine using bogofilter could answer to part of the question, but
it is not clear how to configure bogofilter in order to get a rule
like this :

Bogofilter marks mail as ham or spam. Bogofilter does not move messages
for you - that's the task of your email application.

      * all messages which are not "junk" stamped, and all messages
        which are not "ham" stamped, go into a defined folder

Edit > Message Filters > Add/Edit > If "Status" "is"|"is not" "Junk"
Then "Move to folder".
For automatical marking of spam for your incoming mail see

How to indicate to bogofilter wich folder it should use for "ham",
"spam", and "not-ham-not-spam", is a mystery to me ... I'm going to
try to find the answer ... :
"Bogofilter does not come with a default set of spam criteria so it will
not automatically filter anything after installing it. You must train it
first to make it work."


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