Re: [Evolution] How to create a rule, sending all unknown message to a waiting folder ?

On Mon, 2012-07-30 at 14:07 +0100, HiddenID wrote:
Yep Andre. Super thanks. I was just about to find by myself the links,
when you post it ! Great !

However, it is not so clear what is the difference between a "Ham
stamped" and a "nothing stamped" message - ie: not stamped as a Junk
AND not stamped as a Ham. As a consequence, when a new rule is created
like [ -> "not junk / move to "verified" folder], then all messages
that are not "junk" marked go to the "verified" given name folder,
whatever they are or are not, being marked as "not junk". This does
not solve the problem, because, the messages that have not been marked
as "not junk" will go into the "verified" folder, which is not the
result attempted. What I have to find now is how to get :
      * "not junk" marked messages, move into a specific folder -
        example a "verified" folder
      * messages which are not "junk" and messages which are not
        "not-junk" marked - ie, message that have not received yet any
        junk or not-junk statut - stay into Inbox folder.
Hummm not easy ... and maybe not possible ... 

I keep searching ...

Nota: such howto could be very usefull and integrated into future
evolution wiki or howto's ... ? I'm going to suggest a "vote" for this
howto integration on evolution improvement platform.


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message to a waiting folder ?


On Mon, 2012-07-30 at 13:01 +0100, HiddenID wrote:
I imagine using bogofilter could answer to part of the question, but
it is not clear how to configure bogofilter in order to get a rule
like this :

Bogofilter marks mail as ham or spam. Bogofilter does not move
for you - that's the task of your email application.

     * all messages which are not "junk" stamped, and all messages
       which are not "ham" stamped, go into a defined folder

Edit > Message Filters > Add/Edit > If "Status" "is"|"is not" "Junk"
Then "Move to folder".
For automatical marking of spam for your incoming mail see

How to indicate to bogofilter wich folder it should use for "ham",
"spam", and "not-ham-not-spam", is a mystery to me ... I'm going to
try to find the answer ... :
"Bogofilter does not come with a default set of spam criteria so it
not automatically filter anything after installing it. You must train
first to make it work."

What is Unsure mode?
Bogofilter's default configuration will classify a message as spam or
non-spam. The SPAM_CUTOFF parameter is used for this. Messages with
scores greater than or equal to SPAM_CUTOFF are classified as spam.
Other messages are classified as ham.

There is also a HAM_CUTOFF parameter. When used, messages must have
scores less than or equal to HAM_CUTOFF to be classified as ham.
Messages with scores between HAM_CUTOFF and SPAM_CUTOFF are classified
as unsure. If you look in, you will see the following

    #### CUTOFF Values
    #    both ham_cutoff and spam_cutoff are allowed.
    #    setting ham_cutoff to a non-zero value will
    #    enable tri-state results (Spam/Ham/Unsure).
    #ham_cutoff  = 0.45
    #spam_cutoff = 0.99
    #    for two-state classification:
    ## ham_cutoff = 0.00
    ## spam_cutoff= 0.99

To turn on Yes/No/Unsure classification, remove the #'s from the last
two lines.

Alternatively, if you'd rather use labels Yes/No/Unsure instead of
Spam/Ham/Unsure, remove the #'s from the following line: 

    ## spamicity_tags = Yes, No, Unsure

Once that's done, you may want to set the filtering rules for your mail
program to include rules like:

    if header contains "X-Bogosity: Spam", put in Spam folder
    if header contains "X-Bogosity: Unsure", put in Unsure folder

Alternatively, has directives for modifying the Subject:
line, i.e.

    #    tag added to "Subject: " line for identifying spam or unsure
    #    default is to add nothing.

With these subject tags, the filtering rules would look like:

    if subject contains "***SPAM***", put in Spam folder
    if subject contains "???UNSURE???", put in Unsure folder

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